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DON'T RISK EXPENSIVE DISASTERS WHEN TRAVELLING ABROAD With   our   entry   into   Europe,   many   more   people   are   competing   abroad   but   if   your horsebox   breaks   down   who   would   you   call   for   help   and   how   would   you   manage   to explain your situation in a foreign language? Bills   can   easily   range   from   £500   to   £2,000   for   roadside   repairs   alone,   so   imagine   if your horsebox needed to be recovered what would you do? The   Organisation   of   Horsebox   and   Trailer   Owners   are   the   only   company   in   the   UK with   a   European   Network   and   we   offer   a   special   30   day   European   travel   scheme   for our UK members. For   £189   you   are   provided   with   a   telephone   number   to   English   speaking   operators and   connected   to   the   OHTO/PRP   Rescue   European   network.   You   are   entitled   to   10 hours   of   free   roadside   repairs   and   a   recovery   to   one   destination   of   your   choice.   If this   is   the   ferry   port,   recovery   to   your   home   address   will   be   arranged   upon   your arrival in Britain. OHTO EUROPEAN MEMBERSHIP In   1990,   we   became   aware   of   the   problems   facing   horsebox   owners   traveling   through   Europe.   The   Organisation decided   to   expand   on   the   memberships   already   available   in   Great   Britain   by   offering   members   "Peace   of   Mind"   at home   and   abroad.   Since   then   we   have   operated   a   service   through   PRP   Rescue   that   enables   our   members   to   be linked, via their massive computer network to numerous Service Agents throughout Europe. What we offer you: FREE phone call to English speaking operators. FREE emergency repairs for up to ten hours. RECOVERY   of   the   horsebox   and   horses   to   one   destination   of   your   choice.   (If   this   is   the   ferry   port   recovery will be arranged if needed by PRP Rescue upon arrival in Britain) I ndemnity    limit    is    £1000.    (Please    note    that    at    present    there    are    no    fixed    breakdown    tariff    charges    abroad    -    if   recovery is required the indemnity limit may be exceeded) Requirements for Euro Membership: You   must   have   a   current   Horsebox   Membership   with   OHTO.   (This   can   commence   at   the   same   time   as European membership if necessary) You   must   obtain   a   written   statement   from   the   garage   who   services   and   maintains   the   vehicle   to   confirm   that it is roadworthy for a journey over 3000 miles. A copy of the latest test certificate. THE COST FOR 30 DAY MEMBERSHIP IN EUROPE IS £189.00 (inc. VAT) TO JOIN RING 01488 657651 OR CLICK HERE:
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