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DVSA   and   DEFRA   now   consider   it   illegal   to   transport   horses   on   board   a   horsebox being    either    lifted    or    straight-bar    towed    behind    a    recovery    vehicle.    The    only exception   to   this   might   be   to   move   the   vehicle   a   very   short   distance   to   enable   safe transfer   of   the   horses   to   fresh   transport.   Only   DEFRA   approved   transporters   may carry   out   this   transport.   All   horses   in   transit   must,   by   law,   travel   with   their   relevant passports.
Designed    for    the    professional    and    serious    amateur    owner.    This    membership combines   the   best   of   everything.   Any   weight   or   size   of   vehicle   will   receive   immediate assistance in event of a breakdown.
Safe Hands in a Crisis
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