Horse Passports
HORSE PASSPORT REGULATIONS THAT CAME INTO FORCE IN JULY 2009 STATE: All horses, ponies and donkeys must have a horse passport. The passport helps: Make sure horses treated with certain medicines don’t end up as food for people Prevent the sale of a stolen horse, pony or donkey, as the passport proves its identity. 1 . The   animal’s   rider   or   keeper   must   have   the   passport   with   them   at   all   times   when   they’re   with   the animal,   unless   it’s   in   a   stable,   grazing   in   a   field,   or   being   moved   by   foot.   Owners   can   take   their animals for short rides without one. 2 . You    (or    the    animal’s    main    keeper)    may    have    to    show    the    passport    to    a   Trading    Standards inspector or an animal health officer. 3 . Failure to comply with the regulations is punishable by a fine of up to £5,000. 4 . The   regulations   apply   to   all   movement   of   horses   -   whether   it   is   a   personal   journey   of   a   couple   of miles, or commercial transport of hundreds of miles. OHTO   and   PRP   Rescue   handle   thousands   of   horsebox   and   trailer   breakdowns   each   year,   providing professional   horse   transport   in   the   event   that   a   vehicle   cannot   be   repaired   at   roadside.   PRP   ascertains at the beginning of each incident whether any animals on board are traveling with their passports. Professional   transporters   are   perfectly   within   their   rights   to   refuse   to   move   your   animals.   It   is   not acceptable   to   simply   possess   a   passport   for   each   horse   -   the   usual   response   we   get   is   'well   I've   got   it   at home'   -   the   passport   must   be   with   the   animal.   Imagine   the   response   of   a   passport   control   officer   at   an airport if you were trying to go on holiday and you had a passport but it was 'at home'! According   to   our   data   from   the   past   year,   well   over   60%   of   horsebox   drivers   are   traveling   without   their horses   passports.   If   you   break   down   or   have   an   accident   and   require   professional   transport   to   get   your horses   home   please   bear   in   mind   the   consequences   of   not   having   the   correct   documentation   with   the horses. See*BADV624-1001.txt for further information.
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