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WANT TO DRIVE A HORSEBOX? Since   January   1997   the   law   covering   LGV   driver   training   has   changed.   This   guide   should   help   you   to   understand   how   and the flow chart opposite shows the various stages to becoming a LGV driver. Is there an age limit? Normally,   to   drive   any   truck   over   3.5   but   less   than   7.5   tonnes   gvw   (gross   vehicle   weight)   you   need   to   be   18   years   of   age or   over.   For   any   truck   over   7.5   tonnes   gvw   you   need   to   be   21   years   or   over.   You   will   also   need   to   be   the   holder   of   an ordinary car driving licence. Next, you need to visit any main post office and ask for two forms: Form D1 - Application for a driving licence. Form D4 - Medical Report. Although   you   already   hold   an   ordinary   (car)   driving   licence,   a   form   D1   must   be   completed   because   to   learn   to   drive   an LGV   you   will   need   a   provisional   /   vocational   entitlement   to   be   added   to   your   existing   licence.   If   you   do   not   presently   hold   a photo-card driving licence you will also need a D750. Why do I need a medical? The   D4   must   be   completed   because   medical   evidence   is   needed   by   the   DVLA   (Driver   and   Vehicle   Licensing   Agency) before   they   will   add   the   provisional   entitlement   to   drive   an   LGV   to   your   licence.   Arrange   for   a   medical   examination   with your   own   doctor   and   complete   form   D4   as   required   (study   the   notes   on   pages   1   and   2   of   the   form)   The   medical   report   isn't free under the NHS and a fee will be charged by your doctor (The BMA advisory figure is presently £67.50). Once   you   have   filled   in   the   D1   driving   licence   application   and   your   GP   has   given   you   a   medical   and   filled   in   the   D4 medical   form,   send   them   both   off   to   the   DVLA   at   Swansea   (DVLA,   Swansea,   SA99   1BR),   together   with   the   appropriate fee. The amount will be shown on the D1 application form. It normally takes no more than ten days for the provisional entitlement to be added to your licence. Now can I drive a truck? No!   Not   yet!   Once   you   get   your   licence   back   the   best   thing   to   do   is   contact   your   nearest   driver   training   school.   Training schools   are   based   right   across   the   United   Kingdom   and   the   first   thing   they   will   do   is   offer   to   take   you   through   a   driver assessment. The   assessment   normally   lasts   about   an   hour   and   can   usually   be   arranged   at   short   notice.   An   instructor   will   talk   you through   the   basics   of   what   is   required   to   become   a   professional   commercial   vehicle   driver,   before   taking   you   out   on   the road   for   a   demonstration   drive.   Then,   you   will   be   allowed   to   take   the   wheel   and   find   out   just   what   it   feels   like   to   be   in control of a truck. The   instructor   will   ask   you   to   carry   out   a   few   simple   manoeuvres,   enabling   him   /   her   to   begin   assessing   your   ability   to drive   a   large   goods   vehicle.   Once   you've   completed   some   on   road   driving   the   instructor   will   discuss   your   driving   technique and   tell   you   how   much   tuition   he   /   she   believes   you   will   need   to   be   competent   to   take   a   vocational   category   examination (rigid LGV). What happens next? If   you   decide   to   proceed   you   will   need   to   book   an   LGV   theory   test.   You   can   book   a   theory   test   by   telephoning   0845 6006700,   or   go   on-line   to   http://www.dvtani.gov.uk/onlinebooking/drivingtheorytest.asp .   You   will   need   to   pass   the   theory test   before   taking   the   practical   examination   (A   theory   test   pass   certificate   is   valid   for   two   years).   Most   driver   training schools offer theory tuition, as well as practical instruction. If   you   want   to   do   some   research   before   committing   yourself   to   putting   in   for   training,   the   Driving   Standards   Agency   (DSA) has published two excellent books that take you through the whole process. They are: The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles - 2013 Edition - ISBN-13: 978-0115532375 The Official DSA Guide to Driving Goods Vehicles: The Official DSA Syllabus - ISBN-13: 978-0115528996 The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles - 2013 Edition - ISBN-13: 978-0115532375 Publications can be purchased from all booksellers. Quote the ISBN numbers when ordering.